Gwap Fam Ent. Known as DaUmbrella ( WHY SO ??)

 Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC.

More than a Record Label but a Collaboration and Local Artist Development


 The label founded by Gwap Fam Ceo Mac Man Floyd which has been around for many years but just recently placing their mark within the Music Industry. Bringing opportunity to more than one selective field. The Open Network system makes them unique among upcoming rappers and known artists, the bridge to another level and self development..

 Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC. an establishment on Atlanta Eastside Metropolitian area, label as ZONE 6. A Record Label, Studio, and Media Production Rental Aid, aiming to network which goes by the three slogans which are GROWINGWITHAPURPOSE while GAININGWISDOMANDPOWER to GETWEALTHYANDPROSPER...

 G.F.E (Gwap Fam Ent) also know as DaUmbrella and a collaboration which is more that music, as they combine skill with vocal talent opening doors in ways the industry nvever have witnes. Innovating and Constructing a business that can excel in more than one way while giving that momentem and motivation by what been around for ages..... MUSIC....

see more on the artists and independant labels upcoming events, releases, and more on this blog.. any question about studio time, breeding, or other services we have to offer , dont hesitate to email us at