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Gwap Fam Ent. Known as DaUmbrella ( WHY SO ??)

 Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC. More than a Record Label but a Collaboration and Local Artist Development WHY SO ??  The label founded by Gwap Fam Ceo Mac Man Floyd which has been around for many years but just recently placing their mark within the Music Industry. Bringing opportunity to more than one selective field. The Open Network system makes them unique among upcoming rappers and known artists, the bridge to another level and self development..    Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC . an establishment on Atlanta Eastside Metropolitian area, label as ZONE 6. A Record Label, Studio, and Media Production Rental Aid, aiming to network which goes by the three slogans which are GROWINGWITHAPURPOSE while GAININGWISDOMANDPOWER to GETWEALTHYANDPROSPER ...  G.F.E ( Gwap Fam Ent ) also know as DaUmbrella and a collaboration which is more that music, as they combine skill with vocal talent opening doors in ways the industry nvever have witnes. Innovating and Constructing a business that can excel i

CZK Insider "Bio"

  CZK   crazy K  Gwap Fam Entertainment Underground artists and lyricist born and raised on Decatur, Georgia eastside. A 107 Glenwood VET as those may say. Being always a spontaneous " ON GO " individual the streets easily became apart of his lifestyle as he always had passion in music and entertainment itself, making the class laugh.     Finding life not to be as funny, his journey lead him through struggles and eventually a brotherhood with GFE OGB thats more like blood than water as " Original Gangsta Blacc " might say but beyond that was enlightenment to be what he is now.. One who has a story to tell and alot to offer.

Backwood Kidd ( Biography )

Backwood Kidd  (CEO of Backwood Production) BackWood kidd born on the Eastside Zone6 who roots link back to the G side of Milwaukee. Coming from knowledge and having a passion for music kept him even In time of despair. Even now as he #produce and #Cookup #Beats for  Gwapfam , being young has its day to day #challenges which he and I quote take it in #strive with a @backwood production beat. For more on #GFE Backwood Kidd and his #music check out our featured #playlist 
 Gwap Fam Ent. Singles for 2021     

"Gwapfam" Artists Sneak Peek of Joels Wise Words

 Joels Wise Words @ joelswisewords . God fearing man with awesome wisdom and knowledge that i love sharing with the world. United States Born July 8, 1986 Joined September 2017. Poet, Artist, CEO of Wise Words Ent, THINKABOUTIT!!🌎 More to come.... 

NewLaZeedie " Info "

  NewlaZeedie Man of few words thats express more with action. For More click the links below.... Instagram : NewLAZeedie Apple Music : NewLAZeedie YouTube : NewLAZeedie Spotify : NewLAZeedie RIP Tweez RIP BlacK FREE Tre Sso #30058 For the latest on " NewLaZeedie " Gwap Fam Entertainment 

"Biography" of Gwapfam Tay

Gwapfam Tay  GFE music recordings and songs are written and performed by Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC. artist and East Atlanta native Gwapfam Tay. The Speaks for Itself Mixtape is out now on all streaming and media outlets along with various singles such as Everyday, Safehouse and more. More to come as a upcoming artists and a brother alongside of CEO Mac Man Floyd , having history not only in the rap industry but the street. *See more of Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC. and #GwapfamTay*

Gwapfam Quae " Biography "

Gwapfam Quae  Gwapfam Quae who from East sides Chester Street apartment, which struggle seem all to normal. After adapting to the elements and seeing a brighter outlook. loyalty found itself with the gwap as GFE Q seem to gravitate to his position in the family. From the Kitchen to the Booth his whips up a recipe. Now working with artist under the umbrella such as Mac Man Floyd , GFE OGB , and the entire Gwapfam see more of Quae below: Interview with Quae   Gwapfam Quae comes with a voice that is inspired so much you cant do nothing but listen. (he might not be a lyricses as many might presume but different audiance he has consume.....