GFE OGB "Biography"

GFE OGB " Original Gan6sta Blacc " Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised up in East Wick eastside. Undergoing the trials in growth Daniel M Barnes Formerly known as GFEOGB (Original Gan6sta Blacc) who also go by the Author alias writerb4author. A writer truly and Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC. representative embracing as well as aiding the fellow brother and C.E.O Mac Man Floyd on this venture into bringing, contributing and succeed in this "Music Industry" . Now Striving to take the industry to new heights while building on top of Gwap Fam Ent what can only be considered GFE More than music. A Individual that is the main definition when it comes to the motto of " The Gwap Don't Stop" Stream Now link: * #MorethanMusic

Biography Of Gwap Fam Entertainment. CEO, Mac Man Floyd

  Mac Man Floyd " C.E.O " 80s baby born in Chicago raised in Atlanta, came from the struggle and knowing it first hand being from a single mother with three kids. Coming up from the trenches of the streets where he had to adapt to what he know, Transitioning within the rap industry, he also had adapted to from his youth. Now as he Build his brand and label " Gwap Fam Entertainment LLC " its has become a mogul for the Eastside of Atlanta, but not only for indepandent artist and upcoming brands but a collaboration involving more than music. A process summed up to " Get Wealthy And Prosper ".  1st Apperance of Mac Floyd best know as Man Man Gwap "Interview"